i-Card Usage

  • For i-Account user, we issue "i-Card" which is convenient to withdraw from i-Account. You can withdraw local currency from MasterCard member ATM around the world. Also, it is available to use at MasterCard member stores and online shops for prepaid card.

・Shop at merchants

You may shop at online merchants as well as more than 32 million physical stores displaying the MasterCard Acceptance mark.

・ATM withdrawals in local currency

On more than 1 million ATMs with the MasterCard Acceptance mark, it is very convenient that local currency can be withdrawn. (A prescribed fee incurs from ATM withdrawal.)

・The overseas remittance

If you want to transfer money from domestic bank account to overseas one, a high transfer fee may occur. However, once you hold i-Card in hand, it is possible for you to directly withdraw local currency at ATMs accepting MasterCard instead of opening a foreign account especially for remittance. Furthermore, remittance is available between i-Card holders in i-Account, which brings about instant transactions with preferential prices. (A prescribed fee is applied to the internal transfer.)

・The withdrawal of foreign funds

Once you use i-Account as a platform for foreign fund management, such as for stock, Forex, trust etc., cumbersome procedures derived from overseas remittance can be saved. With i-Card, an exclusive card for i-Account users, you may cash out your foreign investment through ATMs with MasterCard mark around the world. (A prescribed fee incurs from ATM withdrawal.)

Useful features

・Instant transfer
If there is balance in your i-Account, you can load your i-Card immediately on PC or smart mobile at any time.

Please click here to know the details of i-Account.

・Balance inquiry

If network is normal, you can check the i-Account balance at any time.

・Check transaction history

If you have i-Card, you can check the transaction details in your i-Account.

・Retrieve PIN

If you forget the PIN of your card, please click here to retrieve PIN online at any time.