i-Card Login

How to Apply

To apply for an i-Card, please submit a clear colored copy of the following documents to help us confirm your identity and residential address.

This could either be done by scanning the document or by taking a high-resolution digital photograph.

1.Proof of identity document (with at least 3 months remaining)
・ Passport
・ Drivers License
・ National Identity Card

2.Proof of address (issued within the last 3 months)

How to get the PIN

Since i-Card is not a credit card, there is no danger of overdraft. Moreover, this is your ideal card for its secured IC chip. Its prepaid character also reduces the potential damages or losses you may suffer. You can load your i-Card through simple steps in your eWallet. You can deposit, *cash out local and international currency, and conduct payment regardless of the time and location.


・ Anonymous, **instant issuance (No complicated credit check like in credit card applications)
・ Reloadable prepaid card
・ Available in USD and EUR currency
・ Real-time loading
・ 24/7 Toll Free Customer Support
・ Online Website for Transaction History and Balance Inquiry
・ PIN retrieval available anytime, anywhere

*The withdrawal of currency from the ATM may take a prescribed fee.
*Only applicants with proof of address from EEA(European Economic Area) are eligible for i-Card application. See Eligible Area.